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Image by National Cancer Institute

Oncology Massage

Massage for oncology clients is about understanding the effects of cancer and cancer treatment on the body and adapting soft tissue techniques to safely and effectively meet the client where they are at in their treatment. Research shows skilled massage therapy helps to reduce nausea during chemotherapy, reduces anxiety and induces sleep. Because cancer treatments and cancer itself can have immediate or lasting effects on the body that can be adversely affected by certain bodywork techniques, clients going through cancer treatment or with an oncology history benefit most when working with a massage therapist trained and experienced in oncology massage and lymphedema risk.

Cancer survivor,  two weeks after a breast reconstruction _ surgery, following a radical m

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Soft tissue techniques and lymphatic drainage reduce tension, restriction and swelling in areas effected by lymph node dissection, mastectomy, and breast reconstruction. These techniques can help relieve tension and pressure from tissue expanders after a fill, increase shoulder range of motion and decrease cording from axillary web syndrome. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or to discuss your unique health needs.

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