Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage therapy, also known as lymph drainage or manual lymph drainage, is a light, deeply soothing, hands-on technique that stimulates the body's natural process to uptake fluid from surrounding tissues into the lymphatic system. This technique is used for a variety of reasons and helps to reduce inflammation, calm the sympathetic nervous system, reduce sinus and joint pain, relieve stiffness, fatigue and bloating, reduce symptoms of auto immune disease, arthritis and chronic pain, aid post- surgical recovery and so much more! Lymph drainage can be used as a stand -alone treatment or incorporated into a treatment session as needed. Although lymphatic drainage is generally safe, if there is infection, blood clots, cardiac or renal insufficiency this technique should be avoided. Lymphatic drainage stimulates what the body already does naturally. This technique never includes manually pushing fluid out of an incision or drain.

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