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About Modern Body

Welcome to my rehabilitative massage therapy practice! I have been a practicing massage and lymphatic drainage therapist for twenty-five years. How I do massage and bodywork different starts with setting appointment times with a 30-minute buffer in between clients. I don't like my clients or myself to ever feel rushed. More importantly, this time allows for proper sanitization of surfaces and allows for air flow through the treatment room in between clients.

Doing massage and bodywork different includes over1,400 hours of education (and counting) and thousands of hands -on hours of experience with people in a variety of settings. I have worked in hospitals, with chiropractors, acupuncturists, health clubs, sports teams and massage clinics.

Through the use of manual, therapeutic, hands-on techniques I have helped thousands of people find relief from pain, swelling, headaches, postural issues, repetitive stress injuries, post-surgical recovery, autoimmune issues, oncology treatment and more. At Modern Body Massage & Lymph Drainage, all styles of therapy are priced the same. Clients are free to change the style of therapy or session plan itself at any time without penalty. When treating specific issues, multiple modalities are often utilized, so don't worry which style to choose at booking. We will always create a treatment plan together that is specific to what you need at the time of your service. 

What I enjoy most about my work is helping people feel better in their bodies and minds and empowering them with the tools and education for their own self-care.

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